My name is Dr. Mara Eisch and running for District 10 Alder. I want to be your Alder to ensure that we have a voice at the table of our city government. I am the best candidate because during my 30 years as a nurse and nurse educator, I have successfully worked through problems within organizations, and with patients and students. I have experience with data collection to identify and analyze problems, experience with difficult conversations in managing challenging problems, and collaboration skills in work together.

I am not running on one single issue but rather on a broad range of issues that impact residents across District 10 differently. Covid-19 is certainly a major concern for everyone and impacts all facets of life and business.  The economy has been hit hard, and difficult decisions are being made by families, businesses and government. Public safety is important to everyone, but racial inequality and social justice is felt differently across the District. As I look at the housing being built in Madison, and specifically District 10, I cannot help but ask how these developments serve the low income and missing middle housing needs.

These are not small issues and they impact us collectively. To facilitate management of these issues I want to listen to, communicate with and advocate for District 10 to find solutions that move our community in a direction of healing and growth.

As a retired nurse educator with 30 years of experience in teaching and practice, I bring skills that will help us move forward. I know how to have difficult conversations and ask the hard questions. I know how to manage teams; with a Six Sigma Green Belt I have facilitated teams through the change process and conflict resolution.

Communication remains the most critical component in addressing issues. Communication works best when it travels two ways. We need to wake up and participate, even if that is only to share our opinion or concerns about how we are impacted by issues. Complaining amongst ourselves does not help. We need to speak up! Individually and through our elected officials. It is also important to hold our city government accountable for adhering to our current ordinances and guidelines. If we do not like the ordinances, we can change them, but they must be followed until then. 

I am an outside the box, creative, systems thinker; nothing is impossible if we work together.

Dr. Mara Eisch, DNP, RN