Rapid Bus Transit

Rapid Bus Transit Info


There are many positive things about the Rapid Bus Transit (RBT) proposal and much needs to be done for it to operational by 2024. It really is a shift in how we move people around the city; a shift we need to entertain. Certainly rider rates will be dependent on efficiency and safety. We need to be sure we learn from other communities that have installed RBT. For example, the electric bus is being dumped in Minneapolis with a return to the deisel bus. This will create it own problems with environmental concerns. It is a work in-progress.


I have been talking to people about the proposed Rapid Bus Transit. Seems there is a lot of misinformation and realistic concerns out there. What I have learned is that the Rapid Bus Transit (RBT) proposal is very dependent on Federal Funding. And, it is still very much in the planning phases, with the neighborhood routes being studied now. There will be Community Hearings coming up, we need to be on the watch for them. You can get specific Station and Route project details at the RBT  from the city website.