Social Justice

Social Justice

Social justice is identified as one of the top ten issues facing Madison. Madison is a prosperous, growing community. But not all residents share in these experiences, especially in the opportunity to grow in self-development. What are the barriers? Many would say social injustice is the root cause. Social injustice is defined as situations where the equals are treated unequally and the unequal are treated equally.[i]  What does it mean to be equal?

Social injustice occurs in education, housing, employment, voting, health care, transportation access, and food access. When I look at access to resources just in District 10 I can easily see unequal access to food, transportation and housing. Social injustice is often also seen in discrimination based on creed, sexual orientation, disability, age, race, nationality, and others. We have laws that prohibit minimum wage discrimination. We have a minimum wage law. That does not prohibit wage discrimination above minimum wage. What does it mean to be equal when talking about wages?

What do you think? What injustices do you experience or see?  What changes do you want to see?

Let’s talk. I will post a few Zoom meetings and welcome you to participate and talk to me about how I might be represent you on these issues.