Crime/Gun Violence


It feels to me like crime has increased in every area. But in reality, many areas of crime are down from 2019. Heroine overdose with police involvement and robberies are down from 2019. One area of criminal activity that is on the rise is gun violence. “There were fifty-three (53) shots  fired  incidents  in  the  City  from  October  1st  through December  31st  (2020).   This is  a  66%  increase  from  the  fourth  quarter  of 2019.  Twenty-two (22) shots fired incidents were reported during the 4pm-midnight  period;  fifteen  (15)  were  reported  during  the midnight  –  8am  time  period;  and  sixteen  (16)  were  reported  during the  8am  –  4pm  time  period.” (MPD Quarterly Report 4th). The incidents of gun shots is impacting the entire city (See map below).

There was also an increase in theft of vehicles and theft from vehicles during the 4th Quarter of 2020 as compared to 4th Quarter 2019. There are many more questions to ask about these statistics. And we need to be involved in knowing what the police and judicial system are doing in response.

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